About Dariya Arman-Mann

My name is Dariya Arman-Mann. I am a Licensed Medical Aesthetician with a background in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. I took programs in phytotherapy and medical aesthetics to become an esthetician and have trained in England, Canada and the United States. I am a CIDESCO diplomat (Zurich, Switzerland) which allows me to work in any European country. I have been a National Educator for several manufacturers in the Aesthetics Industry including Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises (Texas), Raja Medical (Florida), Mineralogie (Texas) and Clayton Shagal (Canada).

I am a member of the ICHT (International Council of Holistic Therapists) UK, CSPSCS (Canadian Society of Professional Skin Care Specialists) Canada, SPSSCS (Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists) USA, ASCP (Associated Skin Care Professionals) USA.

I successfully operated an Advanced Skin Care & Wellness Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Arvada, Colorado. I am a Holistic Practitioner who practices Iridology, Reflexology, Ear Candling and is a Reiki Master and my philosophy in life is to connect with people at a caring and nurturing level to bring about positive changes in harmony with our natural spirit.

I worked in downtown Denver for several years for a group of Plastic Surgeons as the Lead Aesthetician. I eventually opened up my own facility in 2004 which was known as Therapy World Medical Spa in Arvada, Colorado. I ran it successfully and worked there for 18 years before I sold it and moved to Trinidad in December of 2022. I met some of the most wonderful clients in Arvada and to this day, we keep in contact through social media.

I love nature and the mountains and lakes of Colorado.  My empathy for the homeless led her to Trinidad, Colorado. To describe me in three words, it would have to be empathy, compassion and above all, integrity.

Dariya instructing a class on advanced chemical peels

Dariya showing new techniques in advanced chemical peels

Dariya teaching a advanced skincare class to licensed aestheticians