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Clinical Services

Dermaplane (with antioxidants)

Mild exfoliation, removing surface dead skin cells and temporarily removing facial hair as well. 

*Can be an add on to another service.


Dermaplaning + enzyme + steam + extractions + mask. For mild exfoliation and glowing skin.

Deep Pore Cleanse

Enzyme + steam + extraction of milia and blackheads + mask.

European Facial

For hydration and relaxation, includes a leisurely facial massage and mask.

TCA/Kojic Clay Peel

Unique sea composition to minimize hyperpigmentation, reduce signs of aging and a powerful anti-acne treatment.

Apple Wine Peel

Anti-aging, for firming and toning. This is an organic peel and can be used on people with immune compromised issues.

Tomato Enzyme Peel

For oily, congested lesions, especially acne vulgaris or teenage acne.

Lotus Peel (Modified Jessner)

To diminish fine lines and hyperpigmentation

Melanin Lift

Lightens hyperpigmentation and regulates even skin tones.

“A” Baby Boomer Peel

For cellular regeneration and minimizing fine lines.

Hibiscus Flower Acid Peel

For superficial exfoliation and balancing oily skin to help acne prone skin.

Microdermabrasion (Diamond)

Refines skin texture and helps discoloration by superficial exfoliation.


Combining dermaplaning + Microdermabrasion

Microderm Plus

Dermaplane + Microdermabrasion + Enzyme

Microderm Plus Acid

Dermaplane + Microdermabrasion + Acid

Blue Exfoliation

Light chemical peel with a combination of 3 different acids + BT micro for mild exfoliation.

LED Light Therapy

Using safe, non-invasive and non-heat producing Red, Blue and combo lights. Red lights are for increasing cellular regeneration, stimulating collagen to reduce lines and wrinkles and the blue light is anti-bacterial by creating  oxygen to kill the acne bacteria.

*Available as a Single Session or package of 3 sessions.

Microneedling M.D.

Microneedling uses a precision engineered mechanical pen that uses a disposable cartridge with 12 titanium surgical micro needles which stamps the top layers of the skin without damaging it. It stimulates collagen to reduce smokers lines, minimizes deep facial lines and acne scars, reduces hyper-pigmentation and helps cystic acne and stretch marks. 

*Available as a Single Session or package of 3 sessions.

Hydra Facial M.D.

Non-invasive procedure, requiring no downtime. It includes dermaplaning, diamond microdermabrasion, enzymes, infusion of peptides, stem cells and removal of waste matter from the skin, finished off with a gel mask and LED lights.

Nano Boost

Based on nano (very tiny) technology, this protocol consists of using a pen that uses a cartridge with nano spheres that are rounded. The pen pulses serums and boosters into the skin through vibrational support. The process does not break the skin so there is no healing or aftercare. It can be used on all skin types but the combination of serums and boosters are customized to suit each individual client’s needs who will see immediate results.

MSI: Minor Skin Irregularities - skin tags, sebaceous hyperplaxia, milia, cholesterol deposits, actinic and sebohrreic keratosis, telangiectacia (broken capillaries), cherry hemangiomas and many more lesions are cauterized by a radio frequency probe.

Holistic Services


Healing touch for deep seated, emotional, mental and physical issues. It has its origins in Tibet many centuries ago. 1 hour session.

Ear Candling

Ancient technique, used by many cultures including the Greeks & Persians to extract excess wax build-up in the ear. May alleviate symptoms of allergies, migraines and balance problems. 45 minutes for both ears.

Lashes and Brows

Eyebrow Threading

Tinting Eyebrow

Tinting Eyelashes

Waxing (facial only)

Professional, Pharmaceutical and Medical grade skincare products available.

Lash and Brow Growth serums available.